How it works?

HighDrive by Height for Hire’s 20m vehicle-mounted cherry pickers are available nationwide. Find the Pick Up and Drop off Zone that is local to you.

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Apply online. Fill in your company details to register your account. When you have finished the sign-up process, log on to the HighDrive website or app.


Log on to the HighDrive website or app to reserve your 20m HighDrive cherrypicker at a Pick Up Zone local to you.

Pick Up
Pick Up

A HighDrive Agent will hand over your HighDrive cherrypicker at the Pick Up Zone. You will need your driver’s licence. You are ready to go.

Drop Off
Drop Off

Job done. Bring the HighDrive cherrypicker back to your pre-booked drop off zone with a full tank, where our HighDrive Agent will off-hire it for you.

Not sure if HighDrive is right for you?

Why not contact the HighDrive Team and we'll help get you started.
How to register your account
Step 1

Fill in your Company Details to register your Account. We'll look after this process for you and send you a temporary password so you can verify your account and finish the Join process

How to register your account
Step 2

Once you have received your temporary password, you can create your own password and complete registration. Please double check that all of your details are correct.

How to register your account
Step 3

Now you are ready to go. Log on to the HighDrive website or app to reserve your 20m HighDrive cherry picker at a Pick Up Zone local to you. Remember to bring your driver’s licence!


Our 20m HighDrive by Height for Hire are mounted on a 3-tonne chassis so they can be driven on a standard car licence. Please find the specifications for the 20m HighDrive vehicle-mounted cherry picker below.

  • Self Drive Spec
  • Working Envelope
  • Ideal For
  • 26m Self Drive
  • 29m Self Drive
  • 33m Self Drive

Remember, these are a guideline only and certain things like obstacles, overhead lines, ground condition, distance from your working area and access and egress to site will all have an impact on your working height and outreach.

Not sure about insurance cover? Don’t worry,
Talk to our HighDrive Agent about how we can help with that.

Our 5 simple rules

Before you hire the machine, read up on our five simple rules of hiring.

Report Damages
Report damages

At the HighDrive Handover, our HighDrive Agent will carry out a full visual assessment of the vehicle with you and this will be recorded on our central service system. In the event that any damages happen during hire, it is important that you report these immediately. Failure to do so can affect the insurance cover and result in penalty charges.

Keep it clean
Keep it clean

All our HighDrive vehicles are full cleaned prior to handover. Please return the 20m van-mounted machine fully cleaned and take personal belongings with you when you go, throwing away or recycling any waste. Charges may apply.

Full Tank
Full tank

Always return your HighDrive access platform with a full tank. Premium rate refuelling charges will apply.

No Smoking
No smoking

All our HighDrive vehicles are hired with a strict no smoking policy. No smoking is allowed in the vehicle at any time or under any conditions. Smoking in the vehicle will result in penalty charges to your account.

Be on time
Be on time

Please arrive on time to pick up and drop off your 20m HighDrive at our Pick Up and Drop Off Zones. In the event that you do need to extend your hire, this will need to be booked and agreed in advance with the HighDrive Hire Desk. Penalty charges may apply to your account for late returns.